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Mandala art is a representation of a life built on balance

Circular forms or "mandalas" abound in the natural world. Toss a pebble on the still pond and watch a spiral form, look at a flower and get lost in the form of its petals, walk on the seashore and pick up a sand dollar and marvel at its symmetry, gaze into a loved one's eyes and get lost in the facets of light that are reflecting there, and look up at the night sky and get lost in the circularity of the moon.

The examples are endless but all represent an experience that has no beginning or no end. The mandalas of nature remind us of the pattern of wholeness and perfection that is in the universe.

Mandala Art reminds us of ourselves and awaken us to the realization of our wholeness of self

The circularity or "roundness" of the mandala can lead us to an experience of wholeness. In the mandala there is central point or focus from which radiates a symmetrical design. Coloring the mandala reminds one of the basic order and symmetry of the universe. and allows us to reach the center and order that resides in all of us.

When we begin to "play" with shapes and colors as we color a mandala we move from a rational frame of reference to our creative center and inner core.

When we are drawn into our creative essence we find the ways to heal our wounds, and to provide nurturance for the growth of our potential. Looking inside takes us from the preoccupation with external factors and conditions and connect us to an inner space of peace and relaxation.

By freeing our energies we can be truly ourselves, and explore the mystery of our inner genius and live more deeply.

Shri Yantra Mandala

Sand Mandala

Examples of mandala art in nature- page 1

Examples of mandala art in nature - page 2

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